What Services Do We Offer?

Read more below about the services we offer at the Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of AZ.  We see many exotic pet species including birds, reptiles, small mammals, fish, amphibians and more.  We do not see domestic cats, dogs, and large animals.  Please give us a call and schedule and appointment!

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Wellness Exams

Here at AEAC, we recommend annual wellness exams to make sure that your pet is healthy and to prevent medical surprises as much as possible. Wellness exams are also recommended when you first adopt your pet to make sure that he or she is healthy and ready to start their new life with you.  To recognize illnes in an exotic pet, it is imperitive to know the difference between normal and abnormal for each species.  Wellness visits allow time to ask species specific questions and give answers and insights about prevention instead of trying to save your pets life during an preventible crisis. Tests such as bloodwork and radiographs can provide valuable information if or when your exotic pet becomes ill, as well as helping to catch disease in the early stages. With our passion for helping your pets, we are committed to continuing education both in teaching and life long learning.  Learning new things every year and educating you as a client is important for allowing AEAC to help you help your pet live its best life.   The best value for your pet is through preventive care and education.

Illness and Treatment

If your pet is showing symptoms of sickness (abnormal behaviors, eating, drinking, urination, or defecation), or any other symptoms out of the ordinary for them, don't delay seeking care and treatment with one of our doctors. Birds and reptiles are extremely adapted to hiding their illnesses both in captivity and in the wild.  It is critical to recognize changes in their behaviors and bring them in as soon as you notice the first symptom as something may have already been progressing without being noticed.  An written estimate medical plan (diagnostic and treatment) will be agreed upon prior to treatment unless your pet medical situation requires immediate care.

Digital Radiography

We provide digital radiography for diagnostic and baseline purposes. Digital radiography is able to provide an additional level of detail that is superior to film radiography, and can help clarify and diagnose things such as bone fractures, metabolic bone disease, eggs/reproductive issues, enlarged or reduced organs, dental alignment, ingestion of materials, blockage, and much, much more.

CT Scans - Computed Tomography

The Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of AZ is the first exotic-exclusive clinic to have our own CT. Computed Tomography allows for 3D visual interpretation where radiographs or x-rays only allow for 2D. While we have been taking CTs of mostly exotics, we have expanded to include other small animals such as dogs and cats on a referral basis. Being able to "slice" through the images gives better diagnostic capabilities not available on radiographs alone. 3D reconstruction adds in another dimension, literally, to your pet's health. After the procedure you will also be given a USB drive with the images for your records.

Laboratory Testing

We provide both in-house and outside laboratory testing, including fecal cytologies, smears, and floats, blood smears, CBC & chemistry panels, lipid profiles, aerobic and anaerobic cultures w/sensitivity tests, specific disease PCR and antibody testing, biopsies, toxicosis and flock environmental disease testing.


We are excited to offer you the nano sized chip! The nano chip is the Smallest Micro ID chip on the market! A smaller chip means less trauma for your pet.  In addition to our regularly implanted nano chips, we also offer a variety of other microchips to meet your needs.  If you are travelling with your pet and in need of a health certificate, we also carry USDA Approved 840 chips, USDA Approved 840 mini chips, and for international travel we carry 15 digit ISO Compatible chips. Please see our section on Health Certificates for more information, and make sure to plan ahead so that we have the right microchip in stock for your needs.


We offer a variety of grooming services to our clients.  We offer some complimentary grooming during your pet's initial exam with us.  For our established patients that are current on their annual exams we are able to offer you additional grooming services as well!  Nail, beak and wing trims for birds, nail and tooth trims for small mammals, nail trims for your reptiles, and even hoof and tusk trims for your pot belly or micro mini pig, are among some of the many services that we perform. If desired at your grooming appointment, our doctors and technicians are able to help you learn how to do future grooms yourself at home.  Unique and prescription grooms done at AEAC are based upon your pets species specific anatomy, weight, flight abilities, home environment, and unique concerns of your home environment.

Spay & Neuter

We provide affordable spay and neuter services for diverse species and sizes. Spay and neuter is extremely important for both behavioral and medical reasons, preventing future complications with egg- or baby-laying, preventing uterine cancers, reducing mammary cancer, or testicular masses, and more. Certain species are more susceptible to these problems, so ask one of our doctors if he or she recommends spay/neuter for your pet today.


From minor concerns to fracture repairs, we provide a complete evaluation and treatment process that will help your pet be flying, jumping, hopping, or slithering its way back to normal function!

Dental Care

Just because we can't see the teeth as well doesn't mean that they're not hurting! Bringing your exotic pet in for a regular dental checkup and cleaning can help prevent bigger dental problems in the future. A dental x-ray may be recommended for diagnostic purposes, especially rabbits and rodents whose back teeth are extremely hard to see. We provide dental cleaning, burr assisted filing, extractions, and further surgeries for your exotic pet of all species and sizes.


Endoscopic exams, biopsies, and surgeries can provide minimally invasive procedures for your pet for various diagnostic, surgical, and treatment needs.


Ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that provides information on soft tissues and other internal body structures. Ultrasonography can be used in conjunction with x-rays or by itself to help diagnose internal diseases and complications.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy can provide pain relief for your exotic pet suffering from illnesses, chronic pain, or recovering from their surgery. Ask one of our doctors at about cold laser therapy options for your pet.

Health Certificates

Are you traveling out of state with your pet? Are you moving out of the country?  Let us know so that we can get you the documentation that you need.  A Health Certificate (also known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, or CVI) is required for traveling with your pet, and sometimes an International Health Certificate is needed.  Please plan ahead as Health Certificates can take anywhere from one week to three months to complete!  When calling to schedule your appointment, having as much information ready as possible will help facilitate the process. Knowing your type of pet, species, destination address and phone number, expected travel dates, and mode of transportation are a great start when calling for an appointment. All four of our veterinarians are USDA Category II Accredited.